Saturday, 27 July 2013

Niamh vs Shops

 Blue Vanilla at New Look £10 in Sale

Well that felt good! This summer, I've been a bit on the broke side. So believe it or not, I really have been cutting back on shopping. It was hard and I don't like it. But now I've rewarded my self with a little splurge. (I also got a little addition to my Irregular Choice shoe collection which I'm so excited to show you in a separate post soon. Ekk!) I think this could be a sign of an addiction but after a while of holding back in the shops, when I left today with all my pretty new things in my hands I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction. At the minute I'm reading "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and I have to say, I can completely relate. Becky Bloomwood, I think we could be friends.

In Boots I got myself a few bits that I've heard great things about from blogs, so decided to pick them up and try them out. I can't wait to try out a smokey eye with my new Real Technique Starter Eye Kit! Let me know if anyone has tried any of the products and how you found them!

After a friend recently got a job in The Body Shop, I've been doing nothing but fantasizing about what I can get with the 50% discount! This has lead to a new obsession and I'm slowly creating a little collection. Today I added to my Aloe collection with the Protective Serum. There is 50% off the body butters at the minute also so I thought I would stock up while there cheap with the Pink Grapefruit one. A girls gotta moisturize!

I was really happy with my New Look dress I found for just £10. I absolutely love a collar especially on dresses, it adds a little prepy touch to a basic dress. The picture doesn't pick up on it very well but it is actually a drop helm dress which I have been looking for lately. I thought they were a cute alternative to the skater dress and for £10 in the sale, it was calling my name.

I have been looking for a black bag recently too because although I love my vintage one, sometimes I need a bag that is slightly bigger. Also when a brown bag dosen't seem right with an outfit I can pick up my black Deena and Ozzy one! I was drawn to this bag because of the pretty satchel style strap and shape, but it looked a little different, almost like a vintage look. You know I love my vintage.

Whoever named shopping "Retail Therapy" was completely right. It is a therapy like no other. If someone would like to pay me so I can do it all the time, that would be great, thanks.

Have you done any shopping lately?