Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fairies in a Jar

Do I need to say any more? These little beauties are my new addition to my Irregular Choice collection. I'll give you a second to scroll up and look at them again. Shoes like this you don't look at just once!

Irregular Choice is my absolute favourite brand for shoes at the minute. I bought my first pair after getting an Irregular Choice bag as a Christmas gift and deciding I needed the matching shoes too! From that day, there was no going back. I mean that literally. My shoe standards were raised on that day, and they haven't come down yet! I have simply been unable to find any other shoes on the high street that compare.

There are so many reasons why these shoes are so special, but first and foremost what I must praise, what I'm most thankful for, and what heels have been in desperate need of for a long time, is the delicious comfort! I will not lie. This year has been my first year at university and I've been on a lot of nights out. It is definitely risky going on a night out in Liverpool where clubs are open until four a.m., in a pair of heels when you have a two hour practical dance class the next morning. But I did it. Thanks to Irregular Choice my feet were perfectly comfortable and fine in dance the next day! Yes!

These are "Fairies in a Jar", and are my fifth pair of Irregular Choice. Each pair comes with a really cute shoe box which I like to keep as part of the collection. Irregular Choice shoes are always so dainty and quirky with bright colours and unique designs. They are perfect for catching the eye if you want to add something special to a simple outfit. Although they can be a little on the pricey side at times, I definitely would say they are worth investing in. The quality is just fantastic so you know they will last and you can guarantee there will be no one else wearing heels quite as special as yours! When I wear mine I always get so many comments and compliments.

 "Fairies in a Jar" are available in other colours too, you can find them here IN THE SALE if you want to snap up a pair for yourself and I really recommend you do, you will thank me!

What's your favourite brand for shoes?