Monday, 1 May 2017

Dublin Tourist Guide

Outfit 1: Sun glasses: Primark
Jacket: Topshop
Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Converse

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We all need a break every now and again, and what better way to do so than to spend a few days away in a different city unleashing your inner tourist, right? This Easter my bestest friend from uni Liv and I spent three nights away in Dublin exploring the sights, tasting some yummy treats, sipping cocktails and of course trying some Guinness! This was the first time Liv and I had been reunited in six long months so it was so fun to catch up in Dublin's fair city. It was Liv's first time in Dublin so naturally I bombarded her with plenty of "this one time" stories of my previous trips. (Sorry Liv). But I did try some new things that I thought I would share with you. So if you have yet to visit Dublin, here are some things you need to try!

Trinity College Library
So the first few pictures were taken in the gardens of Trinity College Dublin which is located in the heart of Dublin city centre. We found this super pretty cherry blossom tree and decided to stop for some pics because it's important to keep them spring instas coming you know! Next we headed inside to check out the infamous Trinity College Library. This is an absolute must see if you are in Dublin. Trinity College Library is Ireland's largest library and is simply stunning! The books stretch right up to the beautiful ceiling and makes you feel as if you are in the set for Beauty and the Beast! 

Grafton Street
If you are looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home, or just trying to satisfy those shopping needs, you should definitely check out Grafton Street. Although shopping will always be the way to my heart, one of my favourite things about Grafton Street is the amazing street performers! After all you are in the musical city and they really are amazing!

The Rolling Donut
Any donut lovers out there are really going to thank me for this one! If you are in Dublin you should definitely check out The Rolling Donut! There are a few of these stores located in the city centre with such an amazing selection of donuts, whether you would like a nice Irish themed one like the Bailey's Bliss I decided to go for, or if you are more into the classic jam filled one that Liv tried! Also the coffee is really good too!

The Guinness Storehouse
You can't go to Dublin and not try some Guinnesss (if you're over 18 that is!). So we booked ourselves in for the tour of the Guinness Storehouse. This I would seriously recommend, It was not what I expected at all! Inside the famous Guinness Factory gates it has a real modern feel and you get the chance to be truly educated in all things Guinness, pull your own pint and enjoy a free one in the panoramic gravity bar with views of the whole city! Don't mind if I do!

The Temple Bar
Again, you can't go to Dublin without going to this place! If you didn't get a Guinness in the Storehouse, this is the place to go! The Temple Bar is over 160 years old and welcomes tourists from all over the world to mingle with the locals over a pint and some traditional Irish music so make sure you brush up on your Irish tunes!

If Guinness really isn't your thing, the city has plenty of yummy cocktail options too don't worry! Some of the places we tried out were Camden Exchange on Wexford Street, and Sophie's at The Dean which I would both really recommend, because no city break is complete without some cocktails! Also if you head to Anne's Lane at night you can see these super cute umbrellas hung between the gaps in the street and sip some cocktails in Zozimus Bar! So dreamy.

So there you have it! Hope this is helpful for anyone going on any trips to Dublin sometime soon! Or if you just want to have a nosey at what I have been up to. Check out these pictures and more on my instagram Niamh Convery.

Have you been to Dublin?