Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose

50ml Available Here

There is nothing more tempting than the discounted haven that is duty free. All your beloved beauty brands and fragrances at sale worthy prices minus the stress and crazy shoppers. You've finally finished organising your trip, packing and battling your way through an airport, and now you've found yourself in front of shelves and shelves of all your dream products. Before you know it you've convinced yourself that you deserve a treat and you're at the till with one of these beauties in hand. Not that I would do that or anything. (Woops.) 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb LaVie en Rose is this summer's edition of the oh so famous original Flowerbomb scent. If you are familiar with the original, La Vie en Rose is very similar but with a more light and fresh feel, perfect for summer! After spritzing this uplifting scent, I find the most powerful note to be quite citrus-ey, (very technical term there!) layered with a background of the original Flowerbomb scent we know and love. The sparkling scent is delicate and feminine with a soft spice undertone and I absolutely love it! However I would say that I don't particularly detect any strong rose scents despite the name La Vie en Rose. I personally find it to be more citrus than rose giving it a young and sweet vibe.

Something I always consider when deciding on a perfume is if I like the bottle or not because let's face it, the right bottle can look so lovely displayed in your room and this one is no acception. The sophisticated bottle adds a touch of class and playfulness to your vanity with a luminous pink glass indented with jewel like squares. It is simple and classic, ideal for all your perfume display needs, yes please! Needless to say Viktor & Rolf have done it again with another beautiful fragrance and if you think you would love Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose as much as I do don't forget it is limited edition for this summer so get it while you can!

Have you tried Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose yet?