Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Graduation Day!

  Lips: Mac Ruby Woo
 Dress: Karen Millen
Heels: Similar Here
Robes and Hat: Courtesy of LHU 

This month held a really big event for me... three guesses? On the 21st July 2015, I graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a First Class Honours degree in Creative and Performing Arts and I still can't quite believe it! These last three years have truly been the fastest years I have ever experienced. It feels like five minutes ago I was trying to figure out how to ship my Irregular Choice shoe boxes overseas to my new home on the Creative Campus (why did I bring those?!). Then again when I think about all the performing, shopping, partying, late nights, studying, laughing and house moving that's happened, I guess it really has been three years. I have been so caught up in all the fun that I didn't realise how close to the end I was. I feel so lucky to have gone from the Northern Ireland countryside out to a huge and amazing city like Liverpool where I met some of my closest friends and adopted the city as one of my favourites! I also got to continue my passion for Performing Arts with some of the most talented people who constantly inspired me. Now here I am with a First Class degree. Wait, how did that happen again?

Now that the uni appreciation speech is done, let's talk about the outfit. Graduation is a big day which you kind of work your way towards during your whole time as a student. So, I was determined for my outfit to be perfect! It had to be quite formal, sophisticated and I had to be in love with it. With these things in mind I tried on every dress. When I say every dress I really mean it. From Ted Baker to New Look, online shopping to boutiques, vintage to high street, I've worn them all. Many of these dresses I liked, but none I loved. Until finally I found this little Karen Millen number in House of Fraser. This dress is so much more beautiful in real life. It is simple yet intricately detailed with elegant black and white lace all over. It is flattering on the waist because of the layered effect and has a full skirt which is sweet and swishy. I love black, white and red together so I wore a matte red lip which was Mac Ruby Woo to add a tiny bit of colour (bar the robes). Finally I wore strappy black heels and it felt perfect like I'd hoped. 

The actual day was so special. All my family flew over and I was reunited with my friends with all of us robed up! It was so amazing so see all the people you have worked and stressed with finally achieve their goals with a day dedicated to celebrating how far you've come. My friends and I chatted about how it felt like we were in a movie and how we had finally done it! The whole day was filled with so much pride and pictures. I would happily live it all over again if I could!

If you have graduated this Summer I hope you had a fantastic day and good luck to any new students who are starting University this year.