Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Taste of Travel: New York City!

So my Summer this year has been a bit of a whirlwind! A few days after arriving home from University I got a job working at a Summer Camp in America and three weeks later I was on a flight out to the States to move into my new home for the next three months and begin my new job! It was as fast as that! Without boring you of all the details, I'll quickly sum it up and tell you that I got the chance to make new friends from all over the world, teach dance classes everyday, get to know kids and notice the difference I was making for them and push myself out of my comfort zone for an amazing Summer in the States! 

After working for three months, I set off on another adventure and got my first Taste of Travel. I have hundreds of pictures of this part of my Summer, but again, I narrowed it down for you and shared a few of my favourites from my four day trip to the amazing New York City! If you have never been, the city is everything you imagine it is going to be and more! The buildings are huge, the streets are packed, the lights make the night become day, tourists are everywhere, the shops are fantastic and the people are stylish. Can I live there please? Absolutely incredible city!

Picture 1: Waiting for my flight to the states, feeling nervous, excited and hoping my case isn't overweight. (It wasn't, Phew!)

Picture 2: The first picture I took in New York and I think it captures so much of what the city is like!

Picture 3: I was too excited to be in a yellow cab after a trip to Times Square one evening. It felt like I was in a movie!

Picture 4: A spot of shopping on Fifth Avenue one morning. It was inevitable! My dress is from Topshop and my shoes are from T.J. Max in case you were wondering.

Picture 5: Off to see Wicked at Broadway! So glad I got the chance to experience this, it was outstanding! My top is from Topshop, the skirt is from New Look and I got my little bag at a Thrift Store in the states, I love it.

Picture 6: Did anyone recognize this famous doorway? I couldn't have possibly gone to New York without visiting Queen Carrie Bradshaw's apartment!

Picture 7: The view of Manhattan from a quick sail on the Staten Island Ferry to see Miss Lady Lib.

Picture 8: A breathtaking trip to the 9/11 Memorial. What a beautiful place for such a sad moment in history.

Picture 9: Possibly the biggest building I have ever seen, The Freedom Tower.

Stay tuned my blogger buddies, there are more pictures coming soon of the rest of my traveling adventures this Summer! 

Have you ever been to New York City?