Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Taste of Travel: Los Angeles!

Just in case you have been wondering why I haven't been writing any posts lately, I thought I would fill you in and share some of my experience in the US with you! If you read my last post you will know I was lucky enough to work at a Summer camp in the states for three months and then have a little taste of travel afterwards! You can read my last post here if you would like to see some pictures and hear a little about my trip to the amazing New York City! But now, were going to talk all things Los Angeles!

I flew out to LA straight after finishing work and was greeted off the plane by palm trees, glistening buildings and the most huge and fancy cars I have ever seen! I went to stay with a friend who I met in the states, caught up on some sleep and then woke up to the scorching California Sun in Santa Monica! It was such a beautiful area right by Santa Monica beach and the beautiful shops (a necessity for me). I spent the next week soaking up as much of the gorgeous sunshine as I could, exploring LA, going to see Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Disneyland (of course) and pretty much wishing I lived in LA.

Picture 1: The palm tree paradise that is California!

Picture 2: Driving into the city to do some Downtown shopping.

Picture 3: One of many evenings spend on Santa Monica beach, I never wanted to leave!

Picture 4: Me giving the "Skater Chick" thing a whirl. Roller blading in the sun along Santa Monica and Venice beach. Floral shorts and tee both from New Look in case you were wondering.

Picture 5: A roller blading selfie. Life on wheels makes me happy! My love heart sunnies are from Claire's Accessories.

Picture 6: One of my favourite nights spent catching some waves while the California sun set!

Picture 7: I couldn't not go to Disneyland. Sorry not sorry.

Picture 8: I insisted on a picture with the Minnie Mouse ears, she is my favourite! My top is from Urban Outfitters and my skirt is from Hollister, I love the pretty florals. 

Picture 9: Some of the gang on our trip to Hollywood and Beverly Hills. My top is from Forever 21, neclace from Topshop and my shorts are my vintage Levis

I feel so lucky to have had the chance to have such an incredible Summer this year. I have hundreds more pictures and stories I could share on here but that would mean a LOT more posts and probably boring you a little? I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my time traveling and I will warn you that I am now addicted and hope to travel some more after my third and final year of University (yikes where did time go?!). 

Have you ever been to Los Angeles?