Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Turning Twenty!

Playsuit: River Island
Necklace: Liberty Blue
Belt: Primark
Heels: Primark

Last Saturday, (21st of September), was my birthday and I turned twenty! Yikes. Turning twenty isn't considered one of the bigger birthdays like turning eighteen or twenty one where it is seen as a "milestone" age, but it really does feel like one. It's kind of exciting to think about all the things my twenties could bring me! I have two decades of life experience behind me, but I can't ever imagine a time where I am not asked for ID, or receive a shocked reaction after someone asks me my age. It's safe to say I could look twelve forever. 

For my birthday, I had the nice experience of one of those days where you just have nothing to wear. I would usually have an outfit planned in advance, but this year my plan was to treat myself to something new to wear. This didn't end up happening which meant the time I would normally spend getting ready was spent chucking clothes around and trying on millions of outfits, none of which felt right. Finally, I opted for my River Island playsuit. This playsuit has accompanied me on many nights out before. I usually keep it really simple to make it look quite chic. On Saturday, I changed it up a bit and added some quirky touches to the look to give it a different feel. I added my skinny lilac belt from Primark and my matching lilac ribbon in my hair. Then I wore my Alice in Wonderland necklace from Liberty Blue in Belfast. These simplistic strappy heels have been a huge hit for bloggers and I couldn't help but join in with all the fuss. I think it helps to compliment the elegant look of the playsuit without taking away from my quirky accessories. 

After all the outfit kerfuffle, I could relax and celebrate. I went to TGI Fridays for a nice meal, got lots of lovely treats from my friends and family and went out afterwards to Limelight in Belfast. Phew! Celebrating can be exhausting. Or maybe I'm just getting old? 

P.S. Did anyone notice my new hair?