Sunday, 15 September 2013

Just Because It's Autumn...

Crop Top: Thnk Apparel
Dungarees: Topshop
Black Boots: Primark

Just because it's Autumn doesn't mean I can't wear my dungarees, right? These were great for pulling on in the summer and I wasn't prepared to give them up yet. So I decided to style them with tights to make the most of my summer favourite while still keeping warm as the weather gradually gets more cold. Boo! I hate being cold.

I went for a very casual and relaxed look. I added my bright lipstick to add a little red to an overall colourless oufit. On my lips I am wearing Rio Rio by Topshop

The light denim makes these dungarees easy to pair with lots of other colours. I will be definitely be whipping these out throughout Autumn, teaming them with some jumpers, layers and a lot more tights! Stay tuned.

What is your Just Because It's Autumn outfit?

P.S. On a very random note, this is the outfit that I was wearing when my Dad decided he would randomly bring a goat home. Yes, a real goat. Apparently we are borrowing him for a few weeks so my Dad doesn't have to cut the grass. At least things are kept interesting around here...