Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bank Holiday Weekends

Floral Crown: Primark
Dress: Topshop
Belt: Primark

The fact that this weekend is a bank holiday weekend, to be honest, does not effect me at all at the minute. I don't start my second year of university until October and so, until then, I consider myself completely free! This meaning, that while everyone else is enjoying their extra day off and a nice extra hour or two in bed,for me this weekend will be the same as all my other weekends so far this summer! Saying that, I really don't like the sound of this "Bank Holiday Monday". There is something about a bank holiday to me that doesn't sound appealing. It reminds me of reality, work and that another year of studying is just around the corner. Goodbye freedom.

Clothes wise, I am going through a bit of a "transitional stage". I am gradually starting to introduce Autumn clothing into my life again as there is just a few days left of August. Hence the tights! I love, skirts, dresses and shorts, all year round so I will give you a little heads up and let you know that you will see a lot more tights! I pretty much live in them through the colder months!

I am still grasping onto my floral crowns for as long as I can this year, (I love them!), and yesterday I teamed it with my Topshop prom dress to continue the floral theme. I wore my Irregular Choice, "Fairies in a Jar" heels for a pop of a bright colour on my feet. Next, I decided to toughen the look up a little with my spiked necklace and studded black belt.

How have you spent your Bank Holiday Weekend?