Saturday, 17 August 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013

We've made it to mid August. That was quick! Every summer always ends up passing us by faster than we expected it to. But still, you never get used to it and every year you wonder how it has gone so fast! Maybe next year I will be prepared. 
Before you get into grieving for the end of Summer 2013, let's lighten the mood by introducing you to a few reasons to look forward to Autumn and Winter. I've picked out a some of my favourite upcoming trends for Autumn/Winter 2013 to minimize the "end of summer blues". Also to let you know what you're in for. Don't worry, it's going to be good!

Fur Coats
This year coats are getting bigger and furrier. There's something sophisticated about a fur collar on a long coat and if it keeps me warm, it's a yes from me. 

I've actually mentioned this trend a few times on my blog already. Slogan tees, feminine pieces with an edge and layering makes grunge. 

For this one I'm going to give in to the stereotypical girl inside me and admit that, yes, I am very excited for all the pink clothes this Autumn/Winter. Burgundy has had it's time during the colder months. Now its pink's turn. 

Dark Florals
 The summer favourite has made it through to next season. Dark florals are making an appearance this year. Team a dress like this one with tights and some chunky boots and nail two trends in one by adding a grunge edge to your look.

After a very 90's fashion based summer, it would seem Autumn/Winter is moving onto looks from 90's films with this Clueless inspired tartan trend.

Right now it is hard to imagine waking up in the morning and reaching for a long, furry coat and tartan scarf. I've been wearing nothing but skirts, dresses and shorts for the past few months, my legs are going to be so disappointed to be put away until next year. Having said that there are so many things about Autumn and Winter to look forward to as well. My birthday for one, having a reunion with everyone from university, Christmas, (is it too early to get excited for Christmas?) and of course I can't wait to see how my favorite high street shops interpret these new styles!

Which Autumn/Winter 13 trends are you looking forward to?