Saturday, 22 June 2013

Crowned with Flowers

Welcome to My Petite Closet! I'm so excited to finally start my very own blog after years of being hooked on reading fashion and beauty posts. The most challenging thing I found with starting my blog was choosing the URL! I wanted it to be catchy, have some sort of theme and be somehow related to me. This is where My Petite Closet has come from! If you haven't already noticed from the picture, I am definitely "petite". I also have an addiction to fashion and now I finally have a place to celebrate my infatuation with shopping and share it with you!

This picture was taken before an end of year ball I attended recently to conclude my first year of University! The dress is from Topshop, (I believe it is on sale at the minute, so get down to Topshop FAST if you want it before it goes!) and I decided to accessorize  it using a lovely lilac colour with my skinny lilac belt from Primark and frilly lilac socks from Topshop. My heels are from my favourite brand for shoes which is Irregular Choice, (you will notice a recurring theme of Irregular Choice in upcoming posts.) I added my Primark head crown to continue the flower theme from the dress and shoes, and I thought it completed the look nicely! 

Now it is summer time for me which means plenty of time for more outfit posts! Thanks for dropping by :)

How are you celebrating the beginning of summer?