Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Memory Lane

Today I'm taking you back to where my love of clothes all began. To be honest I don't remember when it did! I just remember every morning, when I was very young, picking out different dresses from my wardrobe and begging my mum to dress me in one of them! On a day where I wasn't wearing a dress I would sulk and be a little terror to be around for the rest of the day.

This picture is a perfect example of a dress that I would have been desperate to wear (and I have clearly gotten my own way this day!). This dress, still to this day kind of sums up my style. I like to dress very feminine and I am always swooning over vintage style clothing like this. Also I put my hands up and say I am an absolute sucker for a peter pan collar like this one!

I love looking back at old pictures and TV shows and trying to pick out the different trends that have come back around; and if I'm being COMPLETELY honest with you I would say that if I found this dress in my size today, I would definitely buy it!

What did you like to wear when you were little?