Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mini Lush Haul

One of my favourite ways of treating myself without even having to leave my front door, is to stock up on some Lush treats and have myself some "me time" in the bath with all the bubbles, smells and colours Lush has to offer! Lush is without a doubt one of my favourite shops ever and I am just addicted to trying out all their latest bath time wonders. So I thought I would show you some of my recent Lush purchases because who doesn't love a Lush haul?

If this little golden droplet isn't a treat I don't know what is! This shimmering beauty is made with sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils which smells beautifully refreshing and uplifting. Sunnyside promises to have you bathing in gold and bringing a little bit of sunshine into your bathroom, how can a girl say no?

The Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon is made with moisturising fair trade cocoa butter, and shea butter, so all you have to do is crumble it under the running water to release it's bubbly moisturising goodness and amazing colour! This macaroon shaped bubbleroon smells of citrus oils with a chocolatey undertone and will leave you feeling silky soft, yes please! 

Granny Takes a Dip is one that will speak to the hippie within you! I've had this one a few times before because I am forever attracted to the psychedelic swirl of colours. Granny Takes a Dip is both warm and uplifting in scent. With a combination of ginger pepper and lemon, this colourful bubblebar never fails to refresh and relax you all at once!

If you are like me and suffer with very sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, this is the one for you! Honey Bee not only smells good enough to eat, but focuses on soothing and cleansing the skin. The honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud within this bath bomb combine soothing, anti-septic and moisturising ingredients to give your skin that TLC it's been looking for. Thank you Honey Bee!

I don't know about you, but writing this post is making me want a bath so bad! Now to decide which Lush treat to go for...
What is your favourite Lush product?