Sunday, 18 October 2015

Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand

 Wonder Hand: Available Here

This month has seen the release of new Zoella Beauty products. Don't you just want them all? One of the latest beauty arrivals from our favourite vlogger sensation is the oh so lovely Wonder Hand. Something that I am always sceptical about when trying out beauty or skincare products is whether it is able to cooperate with my skin or not. I have super super sensitive skin which is prone to reactions if the product is too harsh. However Wonder Hand truly has worked wonders on my skin and left it sweet and soft. Score! Here are some of my thoughts...

Wonder Hand is based around the first Zoella Beauty range. It is available in a 90ml tube complete with rose gold and cream colouring, with pretty polka dot and lace detailing. I personally think this is the perfect size hand cream to sit proudly on your bedside table or vanity reminding you give your hands some love during your beauty or bedtime routine. Also let's face it; this little dream cream is too cute to have hanging around the bottom of your bag. Wonder Hand contains luxurious softening ingredients such as Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Aloe. Aloe is particularly helpful for any of you out there who suffer with sensitive skin as this will soothe any irritations. Wonder Hand is enriched with the same subtle feminine fragrance as the original Zoella Beauty products. Think calming, slightly floral pamper scents, mmm. 

The cream itself has a velvety feel which dries very quickly which means you avoid that slimy hand stage and go straight to supple, soft hands with a fragrant finish. Basically, Wonder Hand is everything you could need in a hand cream. Suitable for sensitive skin? Check. Pretty packaging? Check. Moisturising and quick drying? Check. Lovely feminine and pamper product scent? Check, check, check. Not bad for just £5.50 (available at Feel Unique or Superdrug). It's safe to say that I am giving this one a very soft and moisturised thumbs up and I can't wait to keep my hands happy with this heavenly hand cream this Autumn/Winter. 

Have you tried any of the Zoella Beauty products yet?