Sunday, 6 September 2015

Portugal 2015

Sunglasses: Vintage
        White crop top: Topshop
       Leopard shorts: Primark
    Black Bikini: Primark
Pink bikini: Primark
                Denim shorts: Vintage Levi's

On 26th August 2015 I flew out to Faro Portugal for a very unexpected week in the sun. Just a few days prior, I was asked to fill in for someone who had pulled out of the trip. So what's a girl to do?! Of course I sprinted to Primark to pick up a few bikinis in the last of their summer stash, squeezed some shorts, tops, dresses, shades and books into a case and off I went! Lucky, lucky me!

We arrived late Wednesday evening, rented a car and drove to our hotel. This all sounds a lot simpler than it actually was. Turns out our hotel was up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Although this meant we avoided busy touristy areas, had beautiful mountain views with a secluded and adventurous vibe, it was very difficult to find the place to say the least! So the beach and pool holiday we had in mind actually ended up being a lot of getting lost around Portuguese towns and road tripping. Perfect! The rest of the week consisted of driving around exploring the different beaches and towns, a road trip to Fatima, reading by the pool, listening to acoustic music in the sun (try it! So relaxing!) visiting the local water parks, getting a sunburnt ear (rookie mistake), swimming in rivers, browsing markets and going to the 2015 Festival of Light to celebrate the end of summer. I have to say, I couldn't think of a better way to do so than a spontaneous week in Portugal! Oh and I also got an email while I was away confirming that I had got a new job in a funky little coffee shop in Northern Ireland just in time for September. Yes!

So of course I had an amazing time lazing around in a bikini in Portugal working on my tan, but now that September has happened I am excited to welcome Autumn and Winter again. Hello cosy boots and hot chocolates! 

Have you been on holiday this year?