Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas on my fingertips!

Nails from Primark.

Christmas is getting closer and closer which means that lights are getting twinklier, shopping is getting more regular (yayy), creamy mugs of hot chocolate are becoming a necessity and I am very, very OK with all of this! But this also means you have the perfect excuse to start adding some extra touches of glitter and festivity to your outfit. If you are not a fan of the wonderfully ugly Christmas jumpers that are back and more 3D than ever this year, I have discovered a more subtle way to embrace some Christmas cheer into your look. I picked up these cute press on nails at Primark for just £1 recently and I have been so impressed with the results! There are a range of different sizes available in the packet which fit nicely onto my nails. The quality of these are not amazing and they do tend to snap off quite easily. However, for just £1 I really recommend these as a cheap and cheerful little pinch of Christmas and I am really enjoying glancing down at the teeny Santa hats on the tips of my fingers. 

Happy Holidays!